Kernersville Golf Center

Tee ‘Em Up,
Knock ‘Em Down!

Comfortable Driving Range
in Kernersville, NC

When you’re in the mood to hit a small, white, dimpled sphere and send it hurtling into the distance some 200 feet out, there’s no better place to do so than Kernersville Golf Center. Our driving range is great for golfers of all experience levels, so drop by sometime and get a few swings in.

As Many as You Can Hit

A driving range wouldn’t be much without a mountain of golf balls to practice with, now would it? At Kernersville Golf Center, you can keep on swinging, and we’ll keep on supplying you more to crack into the distance. Our self-serve ball machines mean an endless supply of golf balls is always at your fingertips.

line up of three golfers at the driving range

Natural & Artificial Turf

Kernersville Golf Center has both artificial and grass turf to tee off of. If you’re looking to perfect your drive, our artificial turf is great for getting a consistent swing on teed balls. Try our natural turf area to get a feel for hitting balls on both fairway and rough conditions. Our driving range has all of the essentials needed to build your golfing skills.

Targets & Flags

Half of golfing is hitting the ball. The other half is making it go where you want it to. With our targets and distance-marking flags, you can get a feel for where your swings are landing. If you think your aim is good enough, come out for one of our driving and target competitions to see how you stack up against other local players.

line up of female golfers at the driving range

Golf Lessons available!

Golf Pro Chris Cramer is available for lessons today.
Call for more information!

(336) 690-8944

Looking for More?

If you have any questions about our driving range or competitions, call Kernersville Golf Center today to get in touch with a staff member who would be happy to assist you. We look forward to seeing you out on our range and wish you good luck during our next driving competition.

(336) 399-8053

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